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Woud’s Barn cabinet, designed by Says Who, is a fine example of Danish functionalism. A bold combination of black oak veneer and metal frame, the outside of the Barn cabinet is plain and stripped-down, and the inside reveals a convenient set of shelves and metallic, perforated drawers. The name Barn refers to old-time barns with large doors, where farmers stored most of their tools and equipment. The Barn cabinet is perfect for storing supplies in the office, and functions great at the kitchen, hallway or bedroom, too.

Says Who
100 cm
43 cm
150 cm
Painted oak veneer
Base material:
Powder coated metal


Says Who

Says Who

Says Who is a Danish furniture design office run by designers named Nikolaj and Kasper. Their style is characterized by love for Scandinavian design traditions as well as fresh, modern functionalism. Says Who is part of the New Scandinavian Design movement, which pays respect to Scandinavian design and culture heritage by reshaping it to fit the present time and environments. Says Who finds its inspiration from the balance between chaos and order: working as a duo, their creative process is full of conflicting ideas, but in the end they arrange into calm and precise designs.

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