Step Mini stepladder, black

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Changing a light bulb. Reaching for that book. Or the coffee grinder on the top shelf in the kitchen. No home is complete without a stepladder. But usually they are just functional, dreary objects intruding on the home decor. Karl Malmvall’s Step is another matter. Functional yet decorative, a standalone interior object in high gloss color. Red, black, or white. After use, why not leave it on the wall as a graphic addition? “We have more and more stuff in our homes, electrical gadgets, kitchen appliances, etc. We use our apartments from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. I want to leave the stepladder readily available on the wall, instead of hiding it away in a closet. The step is only 45 mm thick, and always ready to be used!" Foldable stepladder supplied with a peg for wall-mounting.

Design House Stockholm
Karl Malmvall
Solid beech, high gloss lacquer
47,5 cm
Folded 4,5 cm / Unfolded 61 cm
Folded 96 cm / Unfolded 81 cm
Platform height 45 cm


Karl Malmvall

Karl Malmvall

Karl Malmvall (born 1965) is a Swedish industrial designer. He worked as designer for Ikea from 1990-2002 and in 2002 founded his own design office Duduk Design in Stockholm. Malmvall has been awarded four times for the Excellent Swedish Design Award and has also received the Red Dot Design Award in 2008.

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