Mags sofa, 2-seater

2-4 months

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What makes a sofa great are the elements that cannot be seen – suspension, composition of the foam and durability of the upholstery. HAY Studio has given all of these components high priority when designing Mags. The high arm rests and deep seat make Mags ideal for relaxation. Its firm composition with no detachable cushions make it flexible because cushions and blankets can be moved around according to preference. On one hand a sofa has to be a comfortable place to sit. On the other hand it needs good design, which is dependent on the proportions. The design philosophy behind the sofa Mags is that a sofa must have a simple design because it is visually dominant. However, simple designs demands perfection in every detail. Because Mags is composed of modular units of different length as well as a corner and chaiselong module, it can be designed to fit any room and need. Large button décor is optional.

Width 232 cm, height 66 cm, depth 94 cm
Base: lacquered pinewood. Seat: spring system with cold cure. Back super soft polyurethane foam. Frame: chipboard. Upholstery fabric: 70% new wool, 30% viscose.
Upholstery options:
Kvadrat Hallingdal 130