The Pythagoras Play shelves, produced by the Swedish design brand Maze, are part of a unique shelving system which combines the preciseness of mathematics with the creative possibilities of design. Designed by Gustav Rosén, the Pythagoras collection was inspired by the Pythagoras' triangle theorem, making a triangle the base and most essential element of the shelving system. The gist of Pythagoras Play are the naturally beautiful pine shelves that as such will create a calm, naturalistic feel to your interior. However, you can also go as creative as you’d like by painting and decorating the shelves to your liking!

Pythagoras Play comes in a set of two shelves with four metallic wall brackets. The shelves' pinewood is produced from
Nordic sustainable forestry, and the brackets are made of 100% recycled metal. The wall brackets can be mounted either below or above the shelves in four different positions, and their airy design leaves room for blank space as well. Play, experiment and create the perfect shelf for your own needs!


Pythagoras Play shelf with brackets, 2 pcs, pine - chrome



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Pinewood, chrome
Solid pine wood, powder coated metal wire
Shelf: 78 cm, bracket: 10,5 cm
Shelf: 20 cm, bracket: 15 cm
Shelf: 1,8 cm, bracket: 20 cm

Gustav Rosén

Gustav Rosén is a Swedish designer who specializes in furniture, lightning and graphic design. Rosén has studied Design and Product Development at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and graduated in 2009. In 2014 he opened his own studio in Hägersten, Sweden.

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