FDB Møbler's Vig shelf is an elegant storage solution, created by design duo Halskov Dalsgaard, whose expression is influenced by the golden age of Danish design and the refined, minimalist style typical of FDB Møbler. The design seamlessly combines traditions and a modern form that meets today's needs: the challenges of modern everyday life have been taken into account, for example, in the shelf’s base, which allows dust to be conveniently vacuumed from under the shelf without having to move it. In addition to books, the Vig shelf can be used to store anything from toys to home accessories and from dishware to craft supplies.

FDB Møbler

A88 Vig bookshelf, high


2–3 weeks


Lacquered oak
76,2 cm
38,2 cm
106,5 cm
Lacquered oak
5 years

Halskov Dalsgaard

Halskov & Dalsgaard Design is a Danish design duo formed by Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard, who have worked together since the 1990s. The duo works on a variety of projects ranging from furniture to lighting and product design, with a special focus on human orientation, practicality and respect for the environment, along with a touch of playfulness and humour. Both designers have graduated from the Industrial Design Department of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

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