HAL Wood chair, oak - black

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Vitra’s HAL Wood chair combines rounded oak legs with a flowingly shaped plastic seat shell.

According to designer Jasper Morrison’s design philosophy, something considered normal is usually more useable than something special – that’s why the HAL chair collection is based on a clear, functional principles. The timeless combination of plastic seat and wooden legs create a versatile collection of chairs for various different spaces and needs.

Jasper Morrison
Black, oak
Height 79,5 cm, seat height 43,5 cm, width 47,5 cm, depth 51 cm
Polypropylene, oak


Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison (s.1959) is one of today’s most influential industrial designers. He is known for a aesthetic and quietly humorous style and he has designed everything from tray-tables to tram systems.

In 1986 he opened a design studio in London. From his studio he has worked together with big international clients. His work has also been showed in several international exhibitions.

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