Mono bar stool 75 cm, oak

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Mono bar stool by Woud reshapes traditional Scandinavian wood design with a new plywood technique. Created by the Finnish designer Kasper Nyman for the Danish brand Woud, Mono chairs were inspired by a shape of a folded paper cone – the overlapping construction of the seat is enabled by a thermoformable Grada wood that can be shaped into more challenging forms than ordinary plywood. The result is a smooth, simple and extremely sophisticated wooden chair, perfected with a beautiful drop-shaped hole. The chairs of the Mono collection are manufactured in Denmark.

Kasper Nyman
Best suited for approx. 110 cm high tables
Seat: Grada oak veneer, frame: solid oak
Width 43,7 cm, depth 44,7 cm, height 87,6 cm , seat height 75 cm
Natural oak


Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman is a Finnish furniture designer who runs his own studio Office KN in Helsinki. A 2017 graduate from Aalto University’s program of Furniture Design, Nyman continues the simplistic Scandinavian design traditions with his functional, visually precise products that have a strong focus on the natural character of different materials. A fine example of Nyman’s skills is the Mono chair designed for the Danish brand Woud.

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