No 7 chair, soaped oak - honey leather

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Sibast No 7 is an attractive wooden chair and one of the best known designs of the Danish cabinetmaker Helge Sibast. Its timeless expression comes from the smooth, curved backrest combined with diagonal, tapered back legs and light, upholstered seat. Designed in 1953, Sibast No 7 reflects the principles of the Danish Modern movement, and its design remains fresh and inspiring also in the 21st century. The chair is a fine example of modern Danish craftsmanship, and it is part of the Sibast Furniture collection featuring Helge Sibast’s original works and new Danish design.

Helge Sibast
Solid oak, upholstery in Sorensen Leather 30102
Height, 73,5 cm, seat height 45 cm, width 54 cm
Soaped oak, honey