What’s new: GUBI’s Daumiller armchair

GUBI has launched the charming Daumiller armchair after decades of absence. The wooden chair was born from designer Rainer Daumiller’s ambition to create a seat that would be suitable for both children’s play and adults’ parties.

Daumiller armchair and Gräshoppa floor lamp
The delicate and playful Gräshoppa floor lamp matches perfectly with the strong and bold Daumiller armchair.

THE IDEA OF THE DAUMILLE ARMCHAIR was born in the early 1970s in a Danish farmhouse commune where the German designer Rainer Daumiller lived at the time. Inspired by Danish milking stools and J. Wegner's iconic China Chair, the designer decided to create a chair that could withstand both children's play and adult parties, in a shape that radiated both strength and timelessness – and do all this in a sustainable way.

Daumiller armchair
Strength and timelessness meet in the shape of the Daumiller wooden armchair.
Daumiller chair and Semi pendant
The pine chair combines nicely with other materials and colors. The golden Daumiller goes well with a shiny Semi pendant or the sculptural GUBI 1.0 coffee table.

The first Daumiller chair was made from solid pine at the Hirtshals sawmill on the Jutland coast. Daumiller wanted to use natural materials to make the chair and was especially inspired by the natural wood grains and colors of pine, which would only be strengthened by years and use.

Daumiller chairs are decorated with natural wood grain patterns that vary from chair to chair.
Daumiller armchair and Satellite pendant by GUBI
Resting in a pine armchair after a long meal is surprisingly comfortable. Satellite pendant lights up the dinner table.

Another important factor was comfort, which Daumiller wanted to achieve without using textiles or upholstery. But how to make a wooden chair so soft that you could sit and relax in it long after dinner? The problem was solved by adjusting the seat and backrest of the armchair to ergonomically fit the body of the person sitting in it. The chair is also designed to be large enough for both children and adults to sit comfortably.

Daumiller armchair
The Daumiller armchair is made from ecological pine, an important reminder of sustainability and nature conversation.

For decades before the 1970s, the furniture was made from teak, rosewood and other tropical woods. Daumiller's eco-friendly pine chair was also a necessary reminder of the need to protect rainforests and the importance of sustainable development.

Rainer Daumiller
Rainer Daumiller, father of the Daumiller armchair. Daumiller's work is characterized by a strong understanding of the material he is working with and deep respect for nature.
Daumiller chairs, Gräshoppa floor lamp and Pacha Outdoor ottoman
If you run out of Daumiller chairs in the middle of the evening, you can grab the Pacha Outdoor ottoman for an extra seat.

The chair has one more irresistible advantage: its portability! The wooden armchair moves effortlessly from place to place, room to room, following the moves of the party people. It can be carried into the kitchen for long, intimate conversations at the dining table, or you can relax in the soft embrace of pine in the living room when the evening has already gone and the dawn is breaking.

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: GUBI

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