TOP 5 in February: The most inspiring new products

In February, Finnish Design Shop welcomed a fine selection of fresh arrivals from the likes of Marimekko, Finarte and the traditional Swedish furniture manufacturer Stolab. We picked the five most inspiring ones – take a look and find your favorite!

Stolab Lilla Åland chair
The best-known product from the Swedish brand Stolab is the Lilla Åland Windsor chair, designed by Carl Malmsten in the 1940s.

1. Stolab: Lilla Åland chair

Finnish Design Shop's curated selection now includes more classics of Swedish design, as furniture manufacturer Stolab joined our ranks. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, the brand is best known for their top-quality wooden furniture, stick-back chairs in particular: their most popular product is perhaps the Lilla Åland chair designed by Carl Malmsten in 1942. The brand’s collections also include many newer designs created with respect for the company’s long traditions in wooden furniture.

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Finarte Nami rug
Although the name of the Nami rug also means "yummy" in Finnish, the rug is actually named after the Japanese word for "wave".

2. Finarte: Nami rug

In February, Finarte unveiled its new collection, Atelier, dedicated to everyday creativity. The collection includes, among other delightful new additions, the Nami rug designed by Eri Shimatsuka, whose beautifully wavy stripe pattern delights with its lively asymmetry. The pattern is tufted in a fun three-dimensional way so that your toes not only feel the softness of the wool, but also the texture of the base fabric visible between the stripes.

Nami rug >
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Louis Poulse Panthella table lamp
The new Panthella 320 lamp by Louis Poulsen is available in opal white, brass and chrome.

3. Louis Poulsen: Panthella 320 table lamp

Louis Poulsen's Verner Panton classic, the Panthella table lamp, was first released exactly 50 years ago in 1971. In honor of the anniversary, the luminaire is now available in a new, slightly smaller size: Panthella 320. The new size is available in the classic opal white, but also in elegant shades of brass and chrome.

In the opal-white lamp, the light is reflected – as was Panton’s original idea – through both the shade and the base, so that the whole luminaire glows beautifully in the midst of the darkness. In the metal versions, the light is directed downwards and reflected from the shiny surface of the lamp’s base. What’s more, the chrome and brass lamps’ shades also playfully mirror and distort their surroundings.

Panthella table lamp >
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Hem Puffy lounge chair
The Puffy lounge chair from Hem plays with the contrasts of opposing forms and materials.

4. Hem: Puffy lounge chair

The new Puffy lounge chair from Hem features a tubular metal frame and a plush seat cushion hanging over the sides of the chair, combining clean lines with playfulness: on the one hand, the design is reminiscent of streamlined Bauhaus furniture, and on the other, it looks a bit like an oversized comforter. Designed by Faye Toogood, the chair is already well on its way to becoming a classic of the future, and was recently awarded the Born Classic Prize by the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Bukowskis auction house.

Puffy lounge chair >
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Each designer of the Ruudut pattern was given the task of creating an abstract nature-themed pattern that should be implemented with the paper-cutting technique.

5. Marimekko: Ruudut

Marimekko is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and the festivities have truly begun with a bang – in February, Marimekko launched several delicious new products, many of which were sold out in no time! One of our new Marimekko favorites is the blue Ruudut pattern ("Squares"), which adorns a selection of the popular Oiva dishes. The collage-like pattern is actually created in collaboration with four different designers: it is a collage of sketches by Erja Hirvi, Maija Louekari, Aino-Maija Metsola and Jenni Tuominen, reflecting the diversity of the brand and reminding us all of the power of creative collaboration.

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Manufacturers

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