Modular magic: 7 custom storage solutions to love

Modular storage systems are a home’s best friend. They optimize space, adapt to changing needs over time, and conveniently move from one part of the home to another. Could one of these seven Nordic favorite series solve your storage challenges?

Montana Mini modules
Montana Mini modules give you the freedom to create either wall-mounted or freestanding storage solutions.

Ever so lovely: Montana Mini

Montana Furniture’s Mini modules are perfect for storing books, tableware, or decorative items. This easily adaptable storage solution includes square-shaped shelves, drawers, and modules with doors, all available in a variety of delightful colors. Crafted from thin furniture board, these modules can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor, either individually or in groups. You can add finishing touches with accessories like cover panels, mirrors, and notice boards. Montana Mini products are designed by the company’s founder, Peter J. Lassen, and are manufactured in the company’s own factory in Denmark.

Montana Furniture’s Mini module >
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Muuto Stacked modules
Muuto’s Stacked modules can be arranged in multiple different ways. The modules are joined together using small metal clips.

Endlessly versatile: Stacked 2.0

Muuto’s Stacked 2.0 storage system offers endless possibilities: you can stack the shelf modules directly on the floor, assemble them on a podium, or mount them on the wall. Designed by the Danish design collective Julien De Smedt Architects, this adaptable storage system is sized to accommodate some of the most commonly stored items at home, but the final arrangement is up to you – it can be an organic composition of different-sized and -colored compartments, a systematic grid, or a combination of both.

With Muuto’s Product Planner, you can design a large or small shelf, room divider, side table, or even a TV stand to suit your needs.

Muuto’s Stacked 2.0 shelf module >
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Frama Shelf Library wall shelves
These minimalist wall shelves with worktops are part of Frama’s Shelf Library collection.

Unadorned beauty: Shelf Library

Frama’s Shelf Library collection is all about straightforward, graphic aesthetics that celebrate natural materials. Danish designer Kim Richardt’s shelves, cabinets, and worktops can be attached to walls using steel brackets and screws, allowing you to create a versatile solution for any room. You have two styles to choose from: warm-toned oak or industrial-styled stainless steel.

Frama’s Shelf Library wall shelf with worktop >
All wall shelves >

String Furniture storage system
A pioneer in modular storage systems, the String System can be expanded and customized to suit different phases of life.

Always relevant: String System

Books and kitchen utensils, bathroom essentials, office supplies, shoes and clothes – there’s no storage need that the iconic String System shelving system can’t meet. Designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning in 1949, the String System comprises ladder-like side panels, shelves of various sizes, drawers, cabinets, and tabletops, allowing you to build a customized setup effortlessly. The extensive range of shades and materials ensures a harmonious fit with your decor. Whether you opt for a free-standing or wall-mounted shelf, the String System is a true space-saving wonder and a popular choice for small spaces.

The String Configurator helps you to design your own modular shelving unit for any space.

String floor panels >
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Moebe Storage Box
Moebe’s Storage Boxes stack on top of each other. When turned on its side, the box can function as a side table or nightstand.

Minimalist multitasker: Storage Box

Moebe’s Storage Box does exactly what it promises: it stylishly hides items that are often used but shouldn’t be left lying around. These sturdy oak-veneer boxes can be stacked up to three high to create a practical storage system, and the metal frames supporting the boxes can double as handles. You can also turn the storage box on its side vertically or horizontally to turn it into a minimalist nightstand or side table. The Storage Box can be combined with a separately available lid.

Moebe’s Storage Box >
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HAY Colour Crate, lavender
Made from recycled plastic, HAY’s Colour Crates transform into a cute storage cart with separately available wheels.

Stackable pastels: Colour Crate

HAY’s Colour Crate collection offers effortlessly adaptable storage for toys, cosmetics, office supplies, groceries, and other small household items. All the sizes in the collection can be stacked on top of each other, and the M- and L-sized Crates can be combined with wheels to create a mobile storage unit. The updated Colour Crates are made from lightweight, 100% recycled plastic and come in a variety of sweet options, catering to both color enthusiasts and fans of more neutral interiors.

HAY’s Colour Crate >
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A true Finnish design icon: Lundia Classic shelves have been a favorite among Finns for decades.

Enduring favorite: Lundia Classic

The Lundia Classic open shelves have adorned Finnish homes since 1948. These easy-to-assemble and disassemble shelves come in different heights and can be extended horizontally by adding more side panels and shelves. Additionally, you can complement the setup with doors, drawers, and dividers. Lundia Classic shelves are made from Finnish pine, making them durable and timeless pieces that can be passed down through generations. Would you choose your shelf in natural pine, or perhaps in black or white?

Lundia’s Classic open shelf >
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Text: Kaisa Mikkola Images: Manufacturers

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