Kristin Rödin’s six gift picks

The Swedish Instagram influencer Kristin Rödin decorates her home with carefully curated design pieces. Rödin reveals us a selection of Christmas gifts from Finnish Design Shop that would delight her and her family.

Kristin Rödin
Kristin Rödin has almost 500 000 followers on Instagram. Her home is decorated in beautiful neutral and muted tones. ”I like my home to stay in a certain color palette, and I invest in a couple of unique design pieces to give it a special twist.”

Hi Kristin! How would you describe your decor style?
”I would describe it as very simple and minimalistic, but with a twist. For example, our dining table was custom made according to my wishes by our local furniture producer Bäckström Woodwork. It’s such a unique piece and brings so much character to the room. I also like to invest in lighting. Lamps are so important: they not only give you light but also make the best decor pieces. My favorite brands include Gubi, &Tradition, Flos, Foscarini, Ferm Living, and many more.”

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
”My husband is a professional hockey player so we have been celebrating Christmas abroad for the past six years. This is only our second Christmas that we will be spending in our hometown, so we really cherish being together with our families as this isn’t something we have been able to take for granted.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
”It must be our trip to Milan that I got from my husband. It was just the two of us, and we pretty much just strolled around, ate a lot of delicious Italian food and just relaxed. It was perfect.”

Kristin Rödin’s holiday gift picks:

Marimekko Oiva teapot in terra

1. For my mother

”I would give my mom Marimekko’s terra-colored Oiva teapot, designed by Sami Ruotsalainen, together with the Collage wooden teacups from Serax. She loves drinking tea in the evening so I think this beautiful and earthy set up would make those moments extra pleasant for her.”

Marimekko Oiva teapot >
Serax Collage wooden teacups >

Georg Jensen Sky carafe

2. For my husband

”My husband loves good wine, and I surprised him with a winery in our basement for Father’s day! He still doesn’t have a nice wine carafe, so the elegant Sky glass carafe from Georg Jensen would definitely be a good gift for him.”

Georg Jensen Sky carafe >

bObles Chicken toy for balancing, sitting and playing

3. For my daughter

”My 1,5-year-old daughter Noomi is very active and likes to challenge herself. The delightful Chicken toy by bObles that can be used for playing, balancing as well as for sitting could be a great gift for her. I’m quite sure this is something she’d absolutely love! My choice of color would be grey.”

bObles Chicken toy >

AYTM's Grasil candleholders in brass and marble

4. For my sister

”My sister would love to receive a gift to light up the dark and cold Scandinavian winter. The stylish Grasil candleholder in brass and marble by the Danish brand AYTM could do just that. This impressive candleholder is also a great piece to decorate the house with.”

AYTM Grasil candleholder >

Ferm Living's Ripple carafe and glasses

5. For my mother-in-law

”The clear Ripple carafe by Ferm Living goes easily together with many types of tableware, but I would give it to my mother-in-law together with the matching long glasses from the same collection. This is a gift that I know would make me super happy, so I have a feeling that she would love this too.”

Ferm Living Ripple carafe >

&Tradition's Palette JH9 desk

6. For myself

”This Christmas, I have the Palette table by &Tradition and the Butterfly Stool by Vitra on my wishlist. The Palette tables are a lovely combination of sculptural forms and timeless materials, whereas the Butterfly Stool designed by Sori Yanagi is a beautiful classic and a perfect piece to fill out those empty spots in your home where you feel something is missing.”

&Tradition Palette JH9 desk >
Vitra Butterfly Stool >

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