Interior decoration trends for 2020: featuring round shapes, color spots and luxurious materials

Today's interior decoration trends have taken a big leap towards a more classic look. In 2020, we will see round and elegant shapes, luxurious materials and references to 1990s classic design. Bright colors will also return to spice up the interior. Read an overview of the biggest trends this year!

New Works

1. Elegant, rounded sofas

Sofas are now massive, imposing and softly rounded. The look is upright, and the feel of the seating is fairly firm. Upholstery favorites include both luxurious velvet and bouclé fabrics with a lively texture. Elegant rounded sofas can currently be spotted in the collections of several couch manufacturers. The picture shows a sample of the style of the Danish brand New Works in their new spring collection. The Covent sofa is paired with a simple angular Mass coffee table – the contrasts between the shapes are nicely complementary.

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Muuto E27 lamp

2. Bright colors

Bright colors are predicted to be one of this year’s biggest interior design trends. Indications of the return of colors have already been seen in many trendsetters’ lookbook images. Muuto's interpretation of this trend is seen above. The trendiest colors include bright red with an orange tinge, alongside yellow and blue shades, which are on the rise. The boldest interiors now feature colorful furniture, but even individual splashes of color are an easy way to spice up a more neutral interior.

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Individual splashes of color are an easy way to spice up a more neutral interior.

Menu Androgyne side table

3. Solid-legged, streamlined tables

The trendiest tables catch the eye with their legs: they are now sleek and solid or particularly showy. The Androgyne range of tables by Menu will expand to coffee and dining tables this year. Sculptural pieces of furniture create a sophisticated look and clarity around them. The materials include luxurious natural stone and wood veneer.

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Ferm Living

4. Glass

Glass is back. This lightweight, transparent material serves as an interesting counterweight to sleek and rugged shapes. Glass is now particularly fascinating in coffee tables as a counterpart to exuberant rugs and soft sofas. The Mineral Coffee table from Ferm Living's new SS20 range is a good example of this trend: the glass lid is combined with a heavy, sculpted leg design in a trendy way.

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Glass is now particularly fascinating in coffee tables as a counterpart to exuberant rugs and soft sofas.

Skagerak Lise sunchair

5. Stripes and squares

In addition to colors, brisk classic patterns are in vogue this year. Particularly the timeless classic level stripe and square patterns are here again. Skagerak’s Lise sunchair combines timeless level stripes with a lightweight metal body. The smart folding chair fits beautifully in the smallest of patios. And don’t forget Marimekko's Tasaraita products! This classic pattern looks particularly fresh again this spring.

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Hay Matin table lamp

6. Lamp shades of fabric and other classic elements

The return of various fabric lamp shades also reflects the 90s. The Hay Matin luminaire series’ pleated shades, with their classic elements, are spot on modern. The lamp, which combines timeless and modern elements, is designed by award-winning French designer Inga Sempé.

Hay Matin table lamp >
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The return of various fabric lamp shades also reflects the 90s.

Ferm Living

7. Statues and pedestals

Various statues and sculptures, raised on a special stand, complement the interior. The Place Pedestal stand, one of Ferm Living’s spring novelties, continues the design language of the side tables in the same series. The simple pedestal highlights not only the most beautiful works of art, but also green plants – whatever you wish to accentuate.

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