Chinese New Year – 8 decor ideas for this festive celebration

Decorating your home with flowers and strong colours is an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. We picked eight delightful ideas to get your home ready for the Year of the Rat.

THE CHINESE NEW YEAR is an annual festival that is celebrated at the beginning of the lunar new year based on the traditional Chinese calendar. Asian families around the world gather together during this special occasion to welcome the coming year. Here are eight simple ideas you can add to get your house ready for the jolly season.

Hay’s wide, vibrant yellow Juice vase

Flower power

Flowers are essential for the Chinese lunar celebration as they represent the element of the spring. It is often believed that it's doubly auspicious if the flowers bloom on the first day of the festival. Pair the lush festive flowers with Hay’s wide, vibrant yellow Juice vase that adds a perfect spark to your living space!

Hay Juice vase >

Marimekko’s classic poppy print Unikko

Patterned colors

Change out the soft furnishings of your home and go bold with Marimekko’s classic poppy print Unikko. Dress up your cushions with a mix of classic floral prints for a touch of celebratory cheer in the space – the more the merrier!

Marimekko Unikko cushion >

Vitra’s 2-tier Rotary tray

Round platters

Traditional snacks, such as sweet rice cakes, are served to guests in circular platters as the shape symbolizes harmony and unity around the table. Serve your guests with the yummy goodies in Vitra’s 2-tier Rotary tray. You can plate it with two choices, plus a few fortune cookies!

Vitra Rotary tray >

Artek Aalto stool 60

Stacked in style

If all-red is too much for you to handle, fret not! You can offer colorful extra seating for your guests with Artek’s Aalto stool 60 Publics. Functional yet aesthetically pleasing, the hint of orange in the stool injects a splash of color subtly in the space even when the stools are not in use; either stacked as a tower or lined next to each other.

Artek Aalto stool 60 Publics >

Iittala Leimu table lamp

Warm hues

Liven up the homely mood with Iittala's Leimu table lamp in copper-colored glass. Whether placed on the coffee table or side table in the living room, its warm glow will definitely add to the cosiness of your home and make a cheerful addition to the room.

Iittala Leimu table lamp >

Hay Bonbon lampshade

Framing the mood

Decorating your home for the festive season does not mean that you have to stick to the traditional sense of style. Replace the good old paper lanterns with Hay’s distinctive piece, the Bonbon lampshade. Hang a few of them in a row at various areas of your home to beautify it for the festivities!

Hay Bonbon lampshade >

ByLassen Kubus bowl

Behold gold

Gold symbolizes the notion of wisdom and good fortune. Add shimmer to your home with the stunning gold accent from By Lassen’s Kubus bowl. The bowl will look great on a dining table with a couple of mandarin oranges or other fruits atop for prosperity and good luck.

By Lassen Kubus bowl >

Nofred Mouse bench

Rad Rat

Lastly, usher the Year of the Rat with Nofred's adorable Mouse bench for the little ones! It is definitely a lovely addition to be placed in any contemporary interior, making it festive without being overly oriental.

Nofred Mouse bench >

Text: Melissa Tsang Images: Manufacturers

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