Easy spring-cleaning – refresh your home with a few quick tricks

Invigorating spring sunshine is reaching into our homes, reminding us of the warm and sunny summer days soon ahead. A brisk spring cleaning is the perfect way to welcome the new season. We picked out seven products to give your home a fresh start.

Hay's orange cotton dish cloth hanged over a faucet.
Hay's durable cotton dishcloths make cleaning a treat.

1. Bye bye dust bunnies

Dusting is a simple way to brighten up your home and make it feel cleaner and more inviting. Hay’s absorbent, machine washable cotton dishcloths in fun spring hues are perfect for both kitchen and cleaning. Wipe mirrors and windows clean to let in the light and keep in mind grandma’s tip: after washing, wipe mirrored surfaces with scrunched up newspaper to make them crystal clear.

Hay's cotton dishcloths >

Skandinavisk's Fjord hand wash and hand cream.
Pamper winter-beaten hands with Skandinavisk's Fjord handwash, hand lotion, and hand cream.

2. Stimulate your senses

The invigorating fragrance and the beautiful design of Skandinavisk’s Fjord hand wash brightens up the bathroom. The Fjord liquid soap lets you breathe in the scents of Norwegian fjords: pine forests, orchards, and rushing waterfalls.

Skandinavisk's Fjord handwash >

Parolan Rottinki's rattan carpet beater.
The charmingly traditional rattan carpet beater by Parolan Rottinki whips your carpets and rugs in shape.

3. A breath of fresh air for carpets and bedding

Almost all carpets enjoy a brisk airing. The woolen carpets are easy to clean if there's snow on the ground: place them lint-down on clean snow and gently beat them. Take bedding out and let it take in the cool spring breeze. The gorgeous rattan carpet beater by Parolan Rottinki makes cleaning extra pleasing.

Parolan Rottinki's rattan carpet beater >

Skagerak's Collar hanger in oak.
Skagerak's Collar hangers carry a minimalist look bringing effortless elegance to your wardrobe.

3. Wardrobe TLC

The warm winter favorites, coats and knits, deserve a little pampering before a well-deserved summer rest. Let them air and remove lint if necessary before packing them down. Skagerak’s Collar hangers in oak are sturdy enough to air even the bulkier garments and they add a refined touch to your wardrobe.

Skagerak's Collar hangers >

Muutos's Folded shelves fixed onto a wall.
Transform loose, unorganized items into an eye-catching ensemble with Muuto's Folded shelves.

5. To each their own (place)

The look of your working space, kitchen or hall can be instantly lifted by organizing all knick-knacks neatly. Muuto’s light and airy Folded shelf has clever compartments for mail and assorted items, and hooks to hang keys or jewelry. Hay’s Tool Box organizer is, true to its name, also a handy helper, featuring sections in different sizes and a handle for easy transportation.

Muuto's Folded shelf >

Iittala's Nappula pots in beige and white.
Iittala's delightful Nappula planters come in various sizes and shades.

6. Set up your indoor garden

Houseplants are also waking up after to start the new period of growth. Help your green friends get spring ready by offering them a warm shower or wiping dust off their leaves. Upgrade their planters and change the soil. Iittala’s Nappula pots designed by Matti Klenell are a fun new release, that offer a beautiful home for all plants from succulents and cacti to lush and leafy indoor plants.

Iittala's Nappula pot >

Marimekko's Unikko cushion covers in a living room.
Marimekko's vivacious Unikko cushion covers bring in spring.

7. Refresh with a burst of color

Finish your thoroughly cleaned home up with energetic colors. Even just one eye-catching piece in a sweet spring shade boosts the mood and gives your home a fresh feel. No matter the weather, Marimekko’s Unikko cushion cover in juicy orange, beige and navy brings in guaranteed sunshine.

Marimekko's Unikko cushion cover >

More inspiration for spring-cleaning:

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Text: Kaisa Mikkola Images: Manufacturers

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