How to choose the perfect planter? Introducing six beautiful pots

Wake slumbering indoor plants up gently by offering some extra care: changing the soil and choosing functional potting will get your precious plants spring-ready – and your home as well! Choose your perfect match from our collection of gorgeous pots and planters to bring in spring.

Marimekko's new flower pots decorated with Räsymatto and Primavera prints.
Spruce up your indoor garden with Marimekko's new flower pots.

Marimekko’s new flower pots are ready to bloom

Marimekko’s delightful Räsymatto and Primavera flower pots designed by Sami Ruotsalainen combine a seemingly simple, minimalist form and Marimekko’s classic prints: the jovial Räsymatto print by Maija Louekari and the luscious Primavera print by Maija Isola. The pots come with a saucer and have a hole on the bottom for drainage.

Marimekko's Räsymatto and Primavera planters >

Ferm Living's round Plant Box in warm grey and rectangular Plant Box in black.
Ferm Living's Plant Box brings together form and function.

Plant box keeps both plants and household items organized

The Plant box planter by Ferm Living is an ingenious piece of modern furniture, that can be used as a table for flowers, or as a beautiful storage unit – or both!

The streamlined, airy Plant box is an easy fit for any space or style and can also be used outdoors.

Choose a round or a rectangular Plant Box and opt for accessories such as dividers and trays to make it even more versatile. The Plant Box is available in various beautiful hues.

Ferm Living's Plant Box >

Iittala's Nappula pots on Nikari's April side tables.
The simple form of the beautiful Nappula pots make them perfect for grand ensembles. The gorgeous April side tables are by Nikari.

Iittala’s Nappula pots are delightfully eccentric

Iittala’s fun Nappula planters complement the vastly popular Nappula collection designed by Matti Klenell. The timeless yet contemporary pots offer a home for all houseplants from tiny succulents to lush ferns. The visually pleasing design of the Nappula planter makes it an eye-catching stand-alone element, but the different sixes and shades can also easily be combined as a stunning ensemble.

Iittala's Nappula plant pot >

Pieces from By Lassen's Kubus collection displayed on a shelf.
The airy, minimalist form of the Kubus collection emits a feeling of freshness.

Kubus is perfect for both plants and precious knick-knacks

By Lassen’s Kubus collection includes a series of charming, geometrical bowls, pots, and vases. The beautiful, minimalist pots are perfect for indoor plants, but they can also be used for stylish storage and serving! The Kubus series is available in several colors and sizes.

By Lassen's Kubus plant pot >

Eva Solo's self-watering herb organizer in white.
The self-watering herb organizer helps you keep delicious herbs fresh.

Eva Solo’s herb organizer helps keep greens greener

Fragrant herbs and fresh salads are easy to grow and take care of and even easier with Eva Solo’s self-watering herb organizer – even for the more absent-minded gardener. The award-winning herb station features a water tank and a capillary mat that takes care of watering for you, and the clever handles make it easy to move the pot around. The herb organizer is available in black and white.

Eva Solo's herb organizer >

A combination of Artek's Riihitie pots and miscellaneous ceramic items.
The organic design of Artek's Riihitie plant pots acts as a calming element in any style of decor.

Artek’s Riihitie pots carry a calm, earthy tone

The iconic Riihitie pots were originally designed by Aino Aalto to decorate the patio of the Aaltos’ family home in Helsinki. Named after the home-street of Alvar and Aino Aalto, the timeless, fluid shape of hand-made pots emits the Aaltos’ strong connection to nature.

Group plants together using different sizes and shades of the Riihitie pot to form an eye-catching yet relaxed ensemble.

The Riihitie pots do not feature a drainage hole so when planting, it is best to add a layer of gravel or expanded clay at the bottom to avoid roots from sitting in stagnant water.

Artek's Riihitie plant pot >

Hay's Botanical Family pots grouped together outside.
Hay's collection of Botanical Family pots and saucers allows you to create combinations of your own: go crazy with color or tone it down with subtler shades. The fun watering can is also by Hay.

Hay’s Botanical Family pots are right at home on your patio

The colorful pots and saucers of the Botanical family by Hay kick off spring season both indoors and on your patio or balcony. The fresh shades combined with glossy metals bring in instant spring! Group different colors and sizes to create a gleeful combo or opt for monochrome for a more timeless look. The Botanical family pots come with saucers, and have a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Hay's Botanical Family planters >

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