Designer Chris Martin won the Bruno Mathsson Prize 2020

Chris Martin migrated from Britain to Sweden because of his passion for Scandinavian design. Today, he co-runs the Stockholm-based design studio Massproductions and is the winner of the largest Nordic design award, the Bruno Mathsson Prize.

Chris Martin
Chris Martin is the winner of the largest Nordic design award. Established in 1984, the Bruno Mathsson Prize is worth 250,000 SEK.

DESIGNER CHRIS MARTIN has been awarded the Bruno Mathsson Prize for 2020. British-born Martin moved to Stockholm in the 1990s to work as a freelancer for IKEA, and founded the furniture company Massproductions together with Magnus Elebäck in 2009.

Massproductions Albert
Chris Martin's Albert bench combines Nordic design traditions with a modern spirit.
Formed by Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck, Massproductions got its name from the designers’ knowledge and passion in mass-produced furniture.
Massproductions Sander
The glass base of Massproductions' Sander table is made from skillfully blown glass.

The board of the Karin and Bruno Mathsson Foundation defines Martin's style as "super normal", a combination of spectacular and functional, sustainable design.

“He elevates archetypical elements to artistic heights, with humour and playfulness at a level that can withstand repetition within the series. With technical skill and artistic talent, he contributes to the enrichment of furnished living spaces,” the board described.

Massproductions Tio
Massproductions’ patio collection Tio is defined by a delicate, lightweight appearance.
Chris Martin
Before founding his own company, Chris Martin worked for Jasper Morrison and IKEA.
Martin found the inspiration for the plump shapes of the sofa collection Mega from freshly baked loaves on a bakery rack.

During his Massproduction years, Martin has harnessed his skills into industrially manufactured furniture characterized by exceptional quality, responsibility and modern Scandinavian vibe. He names the legendary Swedish architect Bruno Mathsson as one of his inspirers.

“Bruno Mathsson is part of the Scandinavian design heritage which attracted me to Sweden 25 years ago. I’m an admirer of both his design and his commitment to taking control of his own production, something myself and Magnus Elebäck have also taken on as a challenge for the last 12 years. This award gives us further confidence and means to carry our project forwards,” Martin commented.

There will not be a public prize ceremony in 2020, but in the fall, the Vandalorum Museum of Art and Design in Sweden will host an exhibition on Chris Martin's work.

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Text: Nora Uotila Images: Massproductions

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