Decorate your home for the festive season – we chose 7 products that bring joy even after the holidays

Prepare your home for the festive season with timeless design classics. Candlesticks, vases and other simple decorations are adaptable to a wide range of uses and can be part of the interior all year round, if you wish. There is no need to put these items away when the festive season is over!

STOFF Copenhagen Nagel candleholder

Sparkling candles

A beautiful candlestick adds an instant festive touch to your home. You determine the size and shape of the Nagel candlestick by STOFF Copenhagen, as it is assembled from individual candlestick components. You can choose to make an impressive whole or opt for more subdued details that can be arranged around the home. Designed in the 1960s, the sculptural candlesticks are available in chrome, brass and antique brown.

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Iittala's Ultima Thule serving platter

Classic glassware

Tapio Wirkkala's Ultima Thule is one of the most iconic Finnish glassware designs. The 37-cent serving plate in the collection is not only the ornamental centerpiece of a festive table setting, but also a beautiful element for coffee table and countertop arrangements. The glassware range, created in 1968, was inspired by nature in Lapland and the melting spring ice. The detailed glass object gives a luxurious feel also to other celebrations and special moments during the year.

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Nedre Foss Ildhane candleholder

The right degree of rustic

A sculpturesque and warm rustic look are the leading trends of the moment. The expressive form of the cast iron Ildhane candlestick by Nedre Foss resembles a rooster’s tail, as expressed by the product’s name in Norwegian. The minimalist decorative object with its tradition-inspired look is ideal for the Christmas season. However, as it doesn’t underscore the season excessively, it will find its place in arrangements in the home even after the festive season.

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Skagerak Edge vase

Warm terracotta

Seasonal flowers and plants are an important element in the overall ambience of the home. The Edge vase series by Skagerak is made of traditional soft red terracotta, to which the modern minimalistic shape adds Scandinavian clarity. Long-stemmed flowers and branches, such as amaryllis, holly and conifers, are particularly well suited for tall narrow vases. Potted plants can be paired with the pots in the same series.

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Kähler Urbania lanterns

Sympathetic lighthouse lanterns

Kähler's Urbania lighthouse lanterns are a modern take on traditional Christmas lanterns. A candle burning inside the different lanterns, which resemble houses of various shapes, will reflect a soft light through the windows of the lighthouse. You can expand your collection with more lighthouses over the years. For many, the lighthouse lanterns are a winter tradition, brought out well in advance of the beginning of the dark season.

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Iittala Taika duvet cover set

Add color with textiles

Textiles are an easy way to add a seasonal feel to your home. Duvet cover sets, reproducing the lovely colors and rich patterns by Klaus Haapaniemi, are the latest addition to Iittala's popular Taika series. For many, the Taika products are ideal for the Christmas season, but the folklore-inspired items can easily be used to add style to other seasons as well. The Taika duvet cover sets are available in blue, purple and gray, for a limited time only.

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Skultuna Lily candlestick

Luxurious details

The Lily (Liljan) candlestick by Skultuna from Sweden is a classic, an interior decoration household item particularly in Finland’s neighboring countries. The brass candlestick, designed in 1939, consists of two curved parts that resemble the shape of lilies’ petals. The luxurious object is a spectacular detail that adapts to both the festive occasions and everyday life in the home.

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