Best of summer holidays – Maija Rasila’s July favorites

Interior architect Maija Rasila talks about her favorite products and styles in Design Stories’ Favorites of the month column. In July, you’re allowed to kick back and enjoy the warmth – after all, summer has just started.

Hay Mega Dot bed cover in soft yellow
Hay’s Mega Dot bedspread looks lovely even outdoors. Its pale yellow color tone creates a fresh, summery atmosphere.

“JULY IS JUST ahead of us, which means it is okay to slow down and relax a little bit. My summer plans include at least spontaneous picnics, casual summer cooking and small-scaled traveling around the home country. Summer’s home products should also be fit for the occasion: durable, beautiful and casually carefree.”

Marimekko Tiiliskivi picninc quilt

Explore the nature

The best thing about summer are spontaneous excursions and picnics in the nature. Delicious snacks, good company and aesthetics are all equally important parts of these excursions – I want to enjoy summer with all my senses. Earlier I have not managed to find a good and appealing picnic blanket, but now I think I have found just the right one. Marimekko’s new summer products include a chestnut-colored Tiiliskivi picnic quilt that inspires you for both its appearance and practicality. The blanket is made of durable and dirt-repellent upholstery cotton, and it is finished with a beautiful leather strap. It’s a pleasure to go on summer adventures with this blanket under your arm.

Marimekko Tiiliskivi picnic quilt >

Iittala Raami tumblers

Remember to hydrate

Drinking water is especially important in summer, and I remind myself of this by always having a full carafe of water and a glass nearby. Iittala’s Raami tableware is my favorite for a number of reasons, one of which is the collection’s carefree but appealing glassware. The tumblers have a polished design, and they are durable enough to be used outside on the terrace. In addition to water, you can also serve summer mocktails and drinks in them.

Iittala Raami tumbler >

Woodnotes My Outdoor lounge chair

Luxurious lounging

Relaxing and cozy lounging places are a must for the summer. If I had a larger terrace, I would definitely place a couple of Woodnotes’ My Outdoor lounge chairs there. I like the pleasing soft tone options of the beanbag chairs and their simple design that does not compromise on comfort. If you also need a relaxing lounging place indoors, you can bring these multi-purpose beanbags inside your home’s living spaces, as well.

Woodnotes My Outdoor lounge chair >

Hay kitchen tongs

Table fit for summer

Cooking in summer is easy and casual, as should be setting the table. My summer table set consists of casually mismatched dishes, bold colors and different, even unexpected shapes. Hay’s shell-shaped kitchen tongs are a fun detail when serving salads, pastas and grilled vegetables. Swirl bowls from the same manufacturer further emphasize the joyful, summery atmosphere.

Hay kitchen tongs >

Mifuko Kiondo baskets

Multifunctional baskets

Various baskets and other sorts of containers made of natural materials are a staple of mine: they hide all the excess items, fit for a summery interior design and are easily convertible to summer bags you can take with you to trips and to the market. Mifuko’s Kiondo baskets with handles tick all boxes. Products by the Finnish company are manufactured ecologically and according to Fairtrade standards in Kenya while also employing local artisans, which is one more reason to love these products.

Mifuko Kiondo basket >

Le Klint Saxe wall lamp

Timeless accordion lamp

In recent years, I have rediscovered classic pleated lamp shades – they offer beautiful timeless design even to a modern home. Le Klint’s accordion-like Sax wall lamp is a refined, classic design lamp from 1952. It suits especially well for summer decorating, reading corners and bedrooms, as well as a complementary element for that summer cabin atmosphere. The oak-framed lamp is available with both a paper and a plastic shade – my personal choice would definitely be a paper one, since it creates soft, atmospheric lighting.

Le Klint Sax wall lamp >

Marimekko Nolla cabin

Modern tourism

I am interested in following new innovative tourism concepts, and I got excited about the new accommodation concept of The Nolla Company, The Finnish company is striving for carbon-neutral nature tourism, and they offer an accessible way to break away from everyday life and enjoy nature in destinations where you have been able to only camp in the past.

The goal is to arrange an accommodation possibility to Nolla cabins that are built on Utö island and Isosaari island off Helsinki already during this summer. Marimekko Nolla cabin, which is located on the private beach of Helsinki’s Hotel Rantapuisto, is already available for anyone to rent. It is also possible to buy one of these simple, Scandinavian styled Nolla cabins for your own, personal use or as a guest accommodation.

• The Nolla Company:

Maija Rasila

In this column, interior architect Maija Rasila picks the most inspiring products, objects and issues of the month from novel and classic items. She spices up modern Scandinavian style with plenty of details, surprising colors and personal touches.

Text: Maija Rasila Images: Manufacturers and The Nolla Company

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