FDS Influencer Awards’ Community Favourite, Arvin Olano: “I owe it all to my audience”

When it comes to bringing interior design enthusiasts together, Arvin Olano knows a thing or two – proven by the recent Community Favourite title in Finnish Design Shop's FDS Influencer Awards. Based in Nevada, United States, Arvin reflected on the importance of togetherness with Design Stories.

Arvin Olano Community Favourite
The many joys of a built-in shelf – what makes for an ideal spot for small items, also doubles as a desk. Ferm Living's Pond mirror charms with its organic shape.

Nice to meet you, Arvin! Congratulations on your recent win in the FDS Influencer Awards' public vote. What does it mean for you to receive such a vote of confidence?
“Thank you so much! I owe it all to my audience for voting for me. It really is a testament to the community that we have built together, consisting of home decor and interior design loving individuals.”

Arvin Olano Community Favourite
Arvin Olano has a background in Fashion and Retail Management: “Little did I know I would fall into the world of interiors! When I was younger, I also danced and choreographed for a local dance crew.”

You provide inspiration through YouTube and Instagram. Which came first, and does your content vary depending on the platform?
“As I started my design journey by sharing affordable home decor ideas on Instagram, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that so many people were responding to this type of content. I'm not going to lie, I was afraid to start a YouTube channel, wondering whether people would want to hear what I have to say!

On YouTube, I like to dissect elements of design in a fun and approachable way – we laugh, cry, and react to new and upcoming trends. My Instagram account is also about decor and design, but you get a closer look into my life. I share daily updates of me, my partner Andrew, and our two French Bulldogs, Marble and Sage.”

Connecting with the audience is an essential part of your work. What do you personally receive from it, and what are some of the key takeaways for your community?
“The interaction with my audience provides a sense of belonging to a tribe, connected by our love for making our homes beautiful. The main things that I want followers to get from my content is a good laugh and the basic principles of design. Everyone deserves to live in a beautifully designed space, no matter the budget.”

Menu Plinth table, low, Calacatta Viola
Together with Menu's Plinth table, the generous sofa makes for a laid-back yet luxurious living space, bathing in plenty of light.
Arvin Olano Community Favourite
A touch of green to calm the senses – plants bring a serene feel to Arvin's home.

On your YouTube channel, you talk about turning your passion into a business. How has it been to dive head-first into the unknown?
“Leaving my corporate job in September, 2020 to pursue my YouTube channel was a definite turning point! It was the scariest thing I have ever done, but also the best. I've always felt drawn to a creative path, but I had no idea I would fall into the world of content creation, let alone interior design. I am proud to say that in just a short period of time I was able to turn my newfound passion into a business and a personal brand.”

“I am proud to say that in just a short period of time I was able to turn my newfound passion into a business and a personal brand.”

Are you able to fulfill all of your interior aspirations in your present living situation?
“I currently live in a 140-square-metre home in Henderson, Nevada. The house was built in the 1980s and renovated in 2019 before we moved in. It has a modern feel inside, and we have really made it our own throughout this year's renovation projects. Since we have definitely outgrown this house, we are looking to move to a new city in the near future.”

Arvin Olano Community Favourite
Frequently updated arrangements of decorative objects pair beautifully with a light, calm background.

Do any past interior design faux pas come to mind?
“Overly themed rooms are prone to look dated. I once bought a massive farmhouse clock that did not match my personality whatsoever – even my partner said I was crazy. Needless to say, I returned the clock before my 30-day window was up.”

Do you already know how you will spend the prize sum of 1,500 euros?
“That's a great question! I'm still deciding if I want to spend the prize sum now or tuck it away for something really special in the future.”

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Text: Eero Nurmi Images: Arvin Olano

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