Almost like a gallery – a Danish home that always has room for art

Copenhagen-based Anne and Christian have been collecting art all their lives. They believe hanging art on the walls is the easiest way to make your home look unique.

Home in Copenhagen
The home's fascinating details begin at the front door.


Anne Aarsland, Christian Dubois and their two sons. Their 200-square-meter home is located in Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg district.

Nordic home
Anne Aarsland lives with her husband Christian Dubois and their two sons in Copenhagen's Frederiksberg.

ANNE AARSLAND AND HER FAMILY live in a bright and spacious apartment characterized by beautiful details like old doors and windows, stunning herringbone flooring, and sophisticated stucco decorations on the ceiling.

The home is filled with design classics and plenty of art on the walls – Anne and her husband Christian have been collecting both for many years. Many of the artworks have been arranged haphazardly on the walls inspired by Parisian salons. Amidst all the art, a sense of tranquility is maintained in the home with a subtle color palette, the natural warmth of wood as well as space around the furniture.

Home in Copenhagen
The charming old doors and windows create an intriguing contrast to the home's modern art and design.
Carl Hansen & Søn CH24 Wishbone chair
Carl Hansen's Wishbone chairs are a perfect match for the wooden floor. The pendant is HAY's Nelson Saucer Bubble pendant.
Carl Hansen & Søn  CH24 Wishbone chair, soaped oak - natural cord
The many playful artworks interact with the home's calm color palette and unassuming design furniture.
Artek A110 pendant light
The kitchen's light wood shades contrast beautifully with the dramatic black of the countertop and Artek's A110 pendant light.

As an artist and art historian, Anne believes that art is experienced differently in a home environment than it would be in a gallery space. Anne’s family is used to her going around the home, putting up her own paintings to test how they look in a domestic environment before passing them on to exhibitions and galleries.

“We have a lot of art in our home, and that’s what sets it apart. You won’t see the same works elsewhere as you could with furniture. The art is something that’s unique to our home.”

Carl Hansen & Søn  CH25 lounge chair, white oiled oak - natural cord
The works hang close and staggered inspired by the walls of Parisian salons.
Decorating with art
“Art can help make your home more unique. We have a lot of art in our home, and that’s what sets it apart,” says Anne Aarsland.
Carl Hansen & Søn  CH25 lounge chair, white oiled oak - natural cord
Anne and Christian have intentionally left extra space around the furniture so that the room does not feel too crammed with all the art on the walls. The CH25 lounge chair is by Carl Hansen & Søn.
Home in Copenhagen
Despite the subtle colors and simple shapes, the home is full of intriguing details to catch the eye.

Anne also has experience in organizing exhibitions: in 2018, she created a new kind of exhibition concept together with interior designer and visual artist Mette Helena Rasmussen, when they decided to hold exhibitions in their own homes. Since then, the duo has organized several exhibitions in a range of homes.

“Mette Helena and I both work with art on a daily basis and both collect contemporary art. As we’re also both really into interior design, the idea of ​​organizing exhibitions in our homes was ultimately quite obvious. We thought it would be interesting to integrate an art exhibition into a private home.”

Flos 265 wall lamp
The warm wood shades of the furniture and the herringbone flooring create a sense of natural serenity. The library's ceiling lamp is from Le Klint, wall lamp from Flos, and table lamp from Fritz Hansen.
Vitra Akari 10A floor lamp
The gentle pastel shades add a boost of energy to the space but let the decor details take center stage. The floor lamp is Vitra's Akari.
île table and wall lamp
The bedroom also boasts a calm atmosphere infused with cozy touches like the laid-back bedding and a rug at the end of the bed. Wästberg's île table lamp has been mounted on the wall to create a distinctive reading light.
Artek Aalto 66 chair
Anne and Christian have collected art and design furniture all their lives. The Aalto 66 chair is an Artek classic designed by Alvar Aalto in 1935.

Anne and Christian have been collecting art and designer furniture all their lives. In their home, the furniture, lighting, and interior objects interact with all of the artwork on the walls. Anne believes that art, particularly, has an important role in making a home stand out.

“Many classic furniture designs and objects can be found in a lot of homes, at least here in Denmark. Art can help make your home more unique. We have a lot of art in our home, and that’s what sets it apart. You won’t see the same works elsewhere as you could with furniture. The art is something that’s unique to our home,” says Anne.

Get inspired

Carl Hansen & Søn
Wishbone chair
Aalto pendant lamp A110
Aalto chair 66
Nelson Saucer Bubble
Fritz Hansen
Kaiser Idell Luxus lamp
Carl Hansen & Søn
CH25 chair
w153 île table lamp
Perry Mason
Icono abanderado

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Production: House of Pictures Text: Mette Helena Rasmussen Translation: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Tia Borgsmidt

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