Iittala x Magis Linnut: Toikka’s illuminating birds

Created in collaboration with Magis, Iittala and Oiva Toikka, the Linnut lighting collection combines Toikka’s beloved birds and Magis’ material know-how. The playful light sculptures are made of a new kind of plastic that acts like glass during production.

The collection is based on Oiva Toikka’s popular glass birds.

THE IITTALA x MAGIS LINNUT lighting collection was conceived somewhat by accident as the design team of the Italian brand Magis was looking for new materials and methods for rotation molding. After years of experimentation, they were able to create a new method of handling polycarbonate to make it act like molten glass during the production process. This discovery generated the idea of creating a lighting collection based on Oiva Toikka’s renowned glass designs, and so Magis decided to contact Toikka and the Finnish glassware company Iittala regarding a collaboration.

The Linnut (Finnish for ”birds”) collection comprises five lamps: Siiri, Kirassi, Palturi and Sulo, the latter of which is available in two sizes. As the forms of the luminaires are based on Iittala’s famous Birds by Toikka collection, they work as decorative plastic sculptures even when the light is turned off. What's more, the lamps are cordless and rechargeable and therefore can be moved around freely. Due to the innovative production method, each lamp is unique.

The forms of the luminaires are based on Iittala’s famous Birds by Toikka collection and they work as decorative plastic sculptures even when the light is turned off.

The Linnut lamps make perfect night lights for the kids’ room or hallway.
The lamps are made using a new kind of polycarbonate that creates an effect similar to mouth-blown glass.

As a matter of fact, this was not the first time Toikka and Magis have collaborated. The whimsical collection is a natural continuation of Toikka’s designs for the company – the kids’ Dodo rocking chair and Paradise Tree coat rack also depict birds in a fun, playful way. Like Dodo and Paradise Tree, the Linnut collection is ideal for the kids’ room. However, due to their sculptural presence, they look good practically anywhere in the home, just like Toikka’s beautiful glass birds.

Magis' endearing Linnut collection is ideal for the kids’ room.

The lighting sculptures make beautiful decorative objects even when the light is turned off.
Oiva Toikka
The collection was created in collaboration with Magis, Iittala and the legendary glass artist Oiva Toikka.
The surface of each Linnut lamp is unique.

Toikka’s significance in the creation of the collection goes further than just form. The renowned artist always embraced surprise and chance when working with unpredictable materials such as glass, and emphasized the importance of letting the properties of each material guide the design. Toikka was particularly fond of uniqueness and saw imperfections as possibilities: it is those imperfections that make items distinctive and interesting.

Following Toikka’s ideology, the Linnut collection began with material experimentation. As the plastic material sets slightly differently from lamp to lamp, each Linnut lighting sculpture is unique, just like Toikka’s iconic mouth-blown glass birds.

Linnut lighting collection

Sulo table lamp
Kirassi table lamp
Palturi table lamp
Siiri table lamp

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Magis and Iittala

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