Gift ideas for a more sustainable Christmas

Sustainability is good to keep in mind also at Christmas. Finnish Design Shop’s range includes objects crafted by local artisans, products made of ethically sourced materials as well as timeless classics, which will pass from mother to daughter. We collected some ideas for sustainable Christmas presents, including options suitable for any budget.

Aarikka Pikkupässi

Finnish design classic

The Pässi figurine collection by Aarikka is probably one of the most distinctive Finnish design classics. The iconic figurines, designed by Kaija Aarikka decades ago, adapt beautifully to even the most modern interior and works on its own, or as part of stylish arrangements. Each wooden Pässi ram figurine is still handmade in Finland, providing employment for skilled professionals – the production of the highly detailed figurine requires the work of up to ten skilled artisans.

Aarikka Pikkupässi figurine >

Artek Stool 60 in stone white and pebble

From mother to daughter

The stool by Artek is one of the most classic and iconic presents – this versatile product will bring joy for decades to come. Artek's wooden furniture is hand-made in Littoinen in Southwestern Finland, and the timeless design is immune to the ravages of time. The stools are available in three- and four-legged versions in a multitude of colors. The pictured version of the Stool 60 with a stone white frame and pebble-gray seat is one of the most recent color variations created a few years back.

Artek Stool 60 >

Pino boxes by Antrei Hartikainen

Local woodworking excellence

The all-new LOKAL x FDS collection includes objects made by local craftsmen in Finland, both by renowned designers and new names. The Pino box series, designed by Antrei Hartikainen, consists of small wooden boxes in various sizes, with beautifully finished details and a vivid wooden surface. The boxes can be used for storing all kinds of items. The series also includes a butter box, ideal for camouflaging a packet of butter to make it a pretty element in your table setting. A lovely gift for Christmas, paired for example with a loaf of delicious Finnish archipelago bread!

Antrei Hartikainen Pino box >

Muuto's Ample throw and Twine cushions

A soft knitted throw

The Ample throw by Muuto is knitted from Bolivian llama wool, which is a breathable, hypoallergenic material with a particularly high insulation capacity. The throw was designed by Aiayu, a brand specializing in sustainably and ethically produced textiles. The wool for the throw is sourced ethically and sustainably from llamas walking free with their herders. The same material is also used in the Twine cushions shown in the picture, which, like the throw, are year-end novelties by Muuto.

Muuto Ample throw >

Muoto2 Kiekko clock

For time management

The Kiekko clock, designed and manufactured by Muoto2 in Lahti, Finland, is a sleek and elegant solution to keep time. The clock is available both with a laminated surface and the pictured luxurious suede coating, extending over the sides of the clock. The elegantly simple clock face features delicate hands in brass, black or white.

Muoto2 Kiekko clock >

Saana ja Olli Unien talo cosmetics bag

Sustainable patterns

Designer duo Saana and Olli, based in Turku, Finland, uses durable hemp fabric produced in Europe in all their products, which are sustainably manufactured in Finland. The Unien talo (‘The House of Dreams’) collection, inspired by building heritage and architecture, includes beautiful, graphic textile products, ideal as gifts. For example, the cosmetics bag is an excellent choice for a Christmas present.

Saana ja Olli Unien talo cosmetics bag >

Vitra Akari 1A table lamp

For design enthusiasts

Vitra's Akari lamps were created by the famous designer Isamu Noguchi. The first Akari models were designed back in 1951, and the iconic design of the classic luminaire is timeless even today. The lights, inspired by Japanese paper lanterns, are still handcrafted using traditional methods. The materials are bamboo ribbing and translucent washi paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree.

Vitra Akari 1A table lamp >

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