Serax's Construct flowerpot charms with a combination of geometric forms and natural stoneware surface. According to designer Marie Michielssen, she created the collection by cutting cones and cylinders in half and reassembling the pieces in new, unexpected ways. Due to their voluminous size, the Construct pots are perfect for your largest houseplants or outdoor flowers. You can also mix pots in different colours and shapes to create a vivid yet harmonious collection.


Construct pot S, beige


1–2 months


Stoneware with a waterproof coating
47,5 cm
52 cm
25 kg
For indoor and sheltered outdoor use. Not resistant to freezing temperatures. It is recommended to put the plant into a plastic pot with a saucer before placing it into the pot, because cracks can form if the plant is planted directly in the pot. Please note that the waterproof coating is not 100% guaranteed.
Drainage hole

Marie Michielssen

Belgian designer Marie Michielssen draws her inspiration from everyday life. In her designs, she likes to combine unexpected materials and is particularly fascinated by old, sometimes even forgotten materials. Typical of her designs is also the use of contrasting colours or materials, but in a way that a certain balance, a certain harmony is preserved. Michielssen’s background as a graphic designer is also often evident in her work. Michielssen has been a house designer for the Belgian lifestyle brand Serax for many years.

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