Sirkel tealight holder, red

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The Sirkel tealight holder by Nedre Foss brings light to the dark evenings by its soft shapes and beautiful shades. The design of Sirkel plays with different properties of glass, combining thin and transparent glass cup with a thick and round edge, which gives the product its name: ”sirkel” means circle in Norwegian. It took almost three years to develop the desired effect, but the result is a characterful, skillfully crafted tealight holder that will truly stand the test of time – the main principle of Nedre Foss is to create objects that will serve you at least 100 years.

Nedre Foss
Anderssen & Voll
Diameter 10 cm, height 5 cm


Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll

After ten years of collaboration at the Oslo based Norway Says design company, founders Torbjørn Anderssen (born 1976) and Espen Voll (born 1965) have set about creating a new firm. Anderssen & Voll was launched in autumn 2009 and have quickly set about creating modern, clean designs for which they have become known for.

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