Cobra tray, oval

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Georg Jensen’s Cobra tray catches the eye with its freely flowing form, making it an impressive serving bowl or decorative element.

Designed by Constantin Wortman, Cobra collection is characterized by a swerving, dramatic appearance, and its strong curves create an impression of fast movement. Just like actual cobras, the members of the Cobra collection are imposing, striking and bold. With its mirror-polished steel surface and dynamic design, Cobra is a true design classic that adds a dramatic element to any interior.

Georg Jensen
Constantin Wortmann
Mirror polished stainless steel
Length 50 cm, width 25 cm, height 7,5 cm


Constantin Wortmann

Constantin Wortmann

Constantin Wortmann studied design in Munich. After graduating he worked as an intern and a freelance designer for Ingo Mauer. In 1998 he founded the Büro für Form company together with Benjamin Hopf. The company works within interior, furniture, industrial and light design.

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