Lion salad servers

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Hackman's Lion salad servers were designed by Bertel Gardberg, one of the best-known Scandinavian designers and craftsmen. He had unwavering faith in the creative power of handicrafts. For him, all work sprung from the hands. "Between the hands and the brain lie the human heart and a love of work. We need to be faithful to the character of a material”, said Bertel Gardberg. Designed for daily life and celebrations alike, Lion cutlery is made of strong stainless steel with elegant black handles.

Bertel Gardberg
Stainless steel, plastic
26,7 cm
Care instructions:
Dishwasher safe


Bertel Gardberg

Bertel Gardberg

Bertel Gardberg (1916-2007) is a well-known Scandinavian designer and is considered the father of Finnish silversmithing. He strongly believed in the creative power of handicrafts and explained how everything should come from the hands: “Between the hands and the brain lie the human heart and a love of work. We need to be faithful to the character of a material”.

Bertel Gardberg worked with many different materials, also combining them together. An example of this, the combination of stainless steel and plastic, is the Lion cutlery range designed for Hackman in 1958. For Hackman he created also the Carelia cutlery range, which dates back to the beginning of the 60s and is still modern as it was at that time. For his designs, Bertel Gardberg received many international awards, such as the gold and silver medals at the Milan Triennial in the 1950s and the most important award for Scandinavian industrial art, the Lunning Prize in 1961. The prize he considered the most prestigious in his career was the Goldene Ehrering ring, considered to be the Nobel Prize of gold and silversmiths. Gardberg was conferred the honorary title of Academician in 1982.

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