Moomin bowl Fuzzy, pink

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Moomin bowl Fuzzy by Arabia presents the absent-minded collector of buttons who is getting married to Muddler, her soulmate. The couple was so keen to marry each other that they ended up getting married before the actual wedding was held. Fuzzy and Muddler are the parents of Sniff, who spends a lot of time in the Moominhouse. The ceramic Moomin bowls cheer up any table setting, and their simple design is great for serving soup, cereals as well as desserts.

The mugs, bowls and plates of Arabia’s Moomin Classics tableware collection illustrate the characters of the Moominvalley from the front and behind. First pieces of Arabia’s Moomin tableware came out already in the 1950s, and the large-scale production began in 1990. All the illustrations are done by Tove Slotte who draws inspiration from the original drawings by Tove Jansson. The form of the collection comes from Arabia’s timeless, ceramic Teema tableware designed by Kaj Franck.

Tove Slotte
15 cm


Tove Slotte

Tove Slotte

Tove Slotte (b.1957) is a Finnish illustrator and graphical designer. Before becoming a designer she studied ceramics. Slotte worked at the Finnish design company Arabia 1985-1990 an today she works as a freelance designer. She is known for illustrating the popular Moomin-products of Iittala and Arabia. She picks up the themes from the original drawings of Tove Jansson and modifies them to fit the products.

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