The Pleat pitcher by New Works was born out of designer Omayra Maymó’s project in which she investigated ways to combine industrial production and individuality. The minimalist steel pitcher is crafted by pulling the edge of a steel tube, allowing the material to fold naturally – the idea was not to impose the form but let the material behave as it will. Due to the technique, each pitcher has a slightly different-shaped spout, making each piece unique.

New Works

Pleat pitcher



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Mirror polished stainless steel
22 cm
9 cm
0,9 L
The pitcher is only recommended for cold beverages as its surface heats up easily. Each pitcher is carefully crafted and therefore unique with possible small marks or minor deviations on the surface.
Care instructions
To maintain the item in a good condition we recommend handwash. Do not use any abrasive agents or cleaning tools or strong cleaning agents as this may damage the surface.

Omayra Maymó

Omayra Maymó is a Spanish architect and designer based in both Madrid and Copenhagen. She founded her studio in 2016, focusing on her independent design work since 2020.

Maymó’s designs, be it accessories, lighting or furniture, are characterized by a form that goes beyond function. She wants her designs to tell stories and to evoke emotions. Therefore, Maymó’s work is often a combination of two seemingly contrasting approaches: even as an industrial designer, she aims to let the material determine the form to bring a sense of depth also to the manufacturing process.

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