The Bath house pitcher from Arabia’s Moomin collection is illustrated with a scene from Tove Jansson's book Moominland Midwinter, in which the rest of the Moomin family is fast asleep, but Moomintroll and Little My have woken up from hibernation. In the pitcher's illustration, the two have found their way to the family's bath house where their friend Too-ticky resides during winter. Too-ticky is cleaning the windows and airing towels to make the bath house ready for spring, while Little My makes the most of the frozen sea by fashioning skates out of Moominmamma's kitchen knives.

The pitcher holds one litre and comes with a lid that doubles as the roof of the bath house.


Moomin pitcher 1,0 L, Bath house



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1 L

Tove Slotte

Tove Slotte (b.1957) is a Finnish illustrator and graphical designer. Before becoming a designer she studied ceramics. Slotte worked at the Finnish design company Arabia 1985-1990 an today she works as a freelance designer. She is known for illustrating the popular Moomin-products of Iittala and Arabia. She picks up the themes from the original drawings of Tove Jansson and modifies them to fit the products.

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