Birds by Toikka Annual Bird 2017

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The 2017 Annual Bird of Iittala’s Birds by Toikka collection is the flying skylark, who honours the centenary of Finland's independence with blue and white wings.

The first collection of Iittala Birds was designed in 1972 by Professor Oiva Toikka, renowned for his unique contribution to Finnish art glass over the past half century. Every year, Professor Oiva Toikka and the skilled glassblowers assisting him at the Nuutajärvi Glass Factory, the oldest in Finland, breathe life into yet new species of Iittala Birds. The first bird was the Flycatcher, appearing in different colour variations. Over 300 species have been created, some of them more enduring in production than others. Each bird is a unique individual, signed with the artist’s name as well as the name of Nuutajärvi – it is the tangible product of skilled artisanship. The passing of time enhances the value of these art objects. That is why Iittala Birds are cherished and valued gifts and irresistible to collectors around the world, from Finland to the United States and from Central Europe all the way to Japan.

Oiva Toikka
200 x 135 mm
Mouth-blown glass