The wire basket Classic 35 is a hand-woven basket with two handles by the Swedish Korbo. The manufacturing of Korbo wire baskets started in 1922 and ever since then the baskets have been woven by hand using the exact same technique. Korbo baskets are woven by hand from a single long wire completely without welding, which is the reason why they are so durable – there are simply no parts of the basket that can fall apart. Korbo wire basket Classic 35 is made of galvanized steel, where a casing of zinc is used to protect steel from corrosion. These baskets have a beautiful matt grey patina and are the preferred choices for garden use - but are perfect for several uses in the house as well. Thanks to the unique manufacturing technique and the superiority of the materials used, Korbo baskets are products that will last for a lifetime. The wire basket Classic 35 was the first model in production in 1922 and all the other models have been developed from this original design.


Wire basket Classic 35, galvanized


3–4 weeks


Galvanized steel
24 cm
45 cm
35 L