T÷jbox coat rack, large, black

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Töjbox is a slender but stable clothes rack made of oak wood. Manufactured by Woud and designed by Made by Michael, the unique character of Töjbox lies in its traditional wooden joinery technique: the whole rack is held together only with wooden joints, without a single screw or drop of glue. Töjbox doesn’t require any mounting, as it simply leans against the wall with its two legs. With its spacious shelf and clothes rail, Töjbox will bring elegance and order to the hall as well as bedroom or dressing room.

Michael Daae Christensen
Height 200 cm, depth 38 cm, length 112 cm
Legs: oak, Box: plywood and oak veneer


Michael Daae Christensen

Michael Daae Christensen

Michael Daae Christensen is a Danish designer who lives and works in New York in his own studio Made by Michael. Christensen’s favourite material is wood, and he likes to experiment with new joint methods and other techniques. His designs carry on Scandinavian design traditions such as quality and sustainability with a fresh, modern edge.

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