Bird Silo is a minimalist bird feeder, designed by Studio Tolvanen for Pidät, made of durable and eco-friendly recycled polypropylene. “We wanted to design a functional sculpture. We also thought Bird Silo should be a bird feeder whose impact on nature is just feeding the birds,” the designers have said. The way the feeder is filled – as well as its name – is based on grain silos: although the bird food is poured into the feeder from the top, it actually fills from the bottom up.

Studio Tolvanen’s Mika and Julie Tolvanen have been observing birds for years, often through their dining room window while having breakfast. Interested in the birds’ feeding habits, the designers created prototypes of the feeder to see what would work. Bird Silo is designed particularly for species that feed vertically, and therefore it is recommended to fill it with sunflower seeds or peanuts, food that is suitable for birds like chickadees, blue tits, titmice, nuthatches, finches and woodpeckers.


Bird Silo feeder, terracotta


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100% recycled polypropylene feeder cones, 100% recycled polyester rope, stainless steel
23 cm
17,7 cm