Lampe Gras 222 wall lamp, round shade, black

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Lampe Gras 222 wall lamp is a member of the iconic Lampe Gras collection, designed by Bernard-Albin Gras and relaunched by DCW éditions. Made of sturdy and stylish steel, Lampe Gras 222 features an adjustable arm and rounded lampshade.

Bernard-Albin Gras designed the Lampe Gras series for offices and industrial use already in 1921, and the lamps soon became popular not only in professional but also in residential use. Many notable architects of the 20th century used Lampe Gras lamps in their designs, making the collection an important pioneer of modern functionalism and industrial aesthetics. The Lampe Gras collection features wall, table, ceiling and floor lamps, all of which share a simple and ergonomic design and the lack of screws and welded joints. The distinguishable shades and arms give the Lampe Gras series a vibrant edge, and their refined design fits easily to many kinds of interiors.

DCW éditions
Bernard-Albin Gras
Arm 39 + 20 cm
14 cm
Bulb base:
Light source:
Max. 11W LED (not included)
IP rating:
Protection class:
Cable length:
230 cm
1,5 kg
Shade height 14 cm


Bernard-Albin Gras

Bernard-Albin Gras

Bernard-Albin Gras (1886–1943) was a French designer, who also created a career as engineer. Gras was one of the fist important names of modern European design, and his most famous work was undoubtedly the Lampe Gras lamp collection, which had a major influence on the functional design of the 20th century. 

Gras was a favourer of minimalist and industrial style, and his designs gained popularity in public spaces, homes as well as in the projects of many notable architects – for example the famous French designer Le Corbusier used Gras’ lamps in numerous projects. Besides a designer, Gras was also an inventor, who often aimed his passion to improving the working conditions of ordinary labourers.

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