Theia M table lamp, white

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Theia floor lamp, launched in 2016 by Marset, got its name from the Greek goddess who was believed to be the mother of both the Sun and the Moon. Thus, the spherical shapes of Theia are clearly reminiscent of the brightest elements in the sky. According to the designer Mathias Hahn, he wanted to focus on not just the light but also shadows, because the two are inseparable – besides a beautiful, versatile light, Theia also creates well considered, softly casting shadows. Thanks to the metal lampshade that swivels around its axel, Theia’s appearance can be altered from bright, direct light to subtle, indirect light. A smoke-coloured plastic shade gives a dreamy touch for the lights and shadows of this extraordinary luminaire.

Mathias Hahn
Height 43,5 cm, shade diameter 32 cm, base diameter 30 cm
Base and stem in lacquered iron, dissipater in lacquered aluminium, shade in lacquered spun metal and methacrylate
Light source
Build-in 7,8W 2700K 1066lm LED SMD unit
Equipped with a dimmer