Aalto ceiling lamp A110, dark red/brass

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Alvar Aalto designed the A110 ceiling lamp, playfully called the Hand Grenade, in 1952. The lamp's beauty is based on its shape, which is simple and timeless. A110 consists of two cylinders, one inside the other, and the light is reflected upwards at the point where the cylinders meet. As an elegant detail, the lamp features a perforated, brass plated steel ring which diffuses the downward light in a beautiful manner. As many other lamps designed by Aalto, also the Hand Grenade can be suspended in a group.

Alvar Aalto
Diameter 16 cm, height 44 cm
Lacquered steel, brass plated steel ring
Red, brass
Light source
E27, 11W compact fluorescent or 60W incandescent
Type of cable: White plastic cord. Cable length: 2,5 m. Canopy: Included. Light fixture plug: Included.