Elva LED bulb 6W E27, clear

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Elva 6W LED bulb from the English lamp manufacturer Tala catches the eye with its compact-sized, rounded shape and sapphire filament structure glowing through the tinted glass. With its traditional blown-glass form, the lamp combines the aesthetics of a classic incandescent bulb with modern LED technology. Use the bulb as a pendant lamp or combine it with a table lamp base, either individually or in groups. The environmentally-friendly Tala lamps are build to last, and to neutralize its carbon footprint, Tala plants 10 new trees for every 200 units it sells. Tala lamps come with a 3-year warranty.

3 years
95 x 140 mm
Dimmable: trailing edge. Watt replacement: 45W. Average lifespan: 30,000 hrs / switch cycles. Working temperature: -5°C to 40°C. Input voltage: 110-240V. IP rating: IP54.
Glass, brass cap
Light source:
E27 6W LED, 2700K, 480lm (80lm/W), CRI 95