Signal SI833 floor lamp, red

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Jieldé is an iconic French lighting company that has become famous for its functional and high performance lamps, which are at the same time also great decoration elements. In 1950 Jean-Louis Domecq designed the first Jieldé lamp as a result of a long designing process. The lamp’s joints allow for a great number of lighting positions, making it perfect for the most demanding working environments as well as for home. After this first success, in 1953 Jean-Louis Domecq founded the company called Jieldé. Nowadays Jieldé is run by Domecq’s daughter. Jieldé lamps are manufactured in Lyon, France, according to the same traditional methods and each lamp is numbered becoming unique.

Jean-Louis Domecq
Light source
E14, max 40W
Base diameter 25 cm, arms 1 x 80 cm, 1 x 35 cm


Jean-Louis Domecq

Jean-Louis Domecq

In 1959 Jean-Louis Domecq (b. 1920-1983) got tired of looking for the perfect lamp in to his workshop and decided to design one by himself: Jielde was born. Nowadays Jielde lamps are know all around the world and they’re still being made in France, just the way they were in the very beginning.

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