Secto 4200 pendant 60 cm


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Designer of the Secto Design lamps Seppo Koho on the design: "To me, form is the most important criterion when designing any object. My lighting fixtures are spaces in themselves. The viewer should not be blinded by the light. On the contrary, the light should softly invite people to come closer. Secto Design lamps emphasize space and environment - they create atmosphere." Secto lamps are made from Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen.

Secto Design
Seppo Koho
Height: 60 cm, Diameter: 30 cm, Cable length: 150 cm
Laminated or natural birch
Black, white, natural birch or wallnut
Light source
The bulb base E 27. We recommend using of LED bulb or 20-30 W energy saving bulb. Tube-shaped energy-saving bulb suits the shade best.