Orient P2 lamp, copper

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Jo Hammerborg designed the Orient pendant light in 1962 for the Danish lighting company Fog & Morup. Lightyears has chosen to relaunch Orient in close cooperation with the Hammerborg family. The Orient pendant is made from the finest quality materials: the shade is copper and the top is rosewood. The rosewood's dark grain creates a natural connection with the tightly woven black textile cord. The lamp has 24 narrow, vertical slots at the top of the genuine copper shade that allow the light to filter through. The fitting elegantly conceals the low energy light source and ensures a soft, pleasant light without any glare.

Jo Hammerborg
Diameter 340 mm, height 370 mm
Polished copper, rosewood, black textile cable
Copper, rosewood, black
Light source
E27, max 75W
Cable length 3 m


Jo Hammerborg

Jo Hammerborg

Jo Hammerborg (1920-1982) was a Danish designer who worked as a head designer for Fog & Morup. Thanks for his hard work Hammerborg left the company in history as one of the vanguards of their time. Many of the lamps Hammerborg designed for Fog & Morup have received several prices and recognition. 

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