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Majamoo pot stand, designed by Jani Martikainen, is well fitted for serving hot pots or cold dishes, and its playful shape also serves as a decorative item. Majamoo trivets are handmade of Finnish birch plywood that emphasizes their wavy, organic appearance. The trivets are available in different sizes and can be used separately or nested together. Majamoo trivets were awarded a prize in Alvar Aalto's centenary year competition.

Jani Martikainen
Birch plywood
1,4 cm
16 cm


Jani Martikainen

Jani Martikainen

Jani Martikainen (b. 1971) is a Finnish designer who graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki with a degree in Furniture Design and Interior Architecture. He has worked in several design companies in Finland and Russia and in 1998 he founded his own design company, Majamoo. Majamoo is a Finnish design company that produces timeless, quality tableware and accessories for everyday use. 

In his products, Jani Martikainen combines functional design with high quality materials. The most popular products designed by Jani Martikainen are Majamoo wooden trivets, which were awarded a prize in Alvar Aalto’s centenary year competition. Majamoo trivets, as well as Majamoo trays and other products designed by Jani Martikainen, are a perfect example of how Alvar Aalto’s work continues to inspire objects modelled after his iconic form, finding a contemporary expression.

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