Unien talo tea towel/placemat, beige

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Unien talo tea towel/placemat by Saana ja Olli was inspired by architectonic dreams and old Finnish house-building traditions. Unien talo (”The House of Dreams”) features abstract patterns sketched in clear, subtle lines. All Saana ja Olli products are made from durable 100% hemp fabric and they are suitable for everyday life. The products are transparently manufactured in Finland.

Saana ja Olli
Saana ja Olli
European 100% hemp fabric
Beige, white
70 cm
45 cm
Care instructions:
Machine wash 40°C


Saana ja Olli

Saana ja Olli

Saana ja Olli is a Finnish textile company that wants to provide their customers high-quality, functional products of timeless design. Sustainability is the cornerstone of their work and that can be seen in Saana ja Olli's design philosophy. The production process is kept transparent and as local as possible. Besides their own Saana ja Olli textile collections, they have also designed for various international clients.

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