The Geo vacuum jug, designed for Normann Copenhagen by Nicholai Wiig Hansen, is characterised by sharp edges, geometric shapes and stylish colour combinations. The retro-inspired design and exceptional functionality make Geo the perfect addition to any table setting both at home and outdoors. Whether you’re going camping or on a picnic in the park – or simply enjoying a hot cup of coffee on the terrace – Geo holds your warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold while making a stylish impression.

The special edition Geo vacuum jugs with gold or silver details were launched in 2019 to celebrate Normann Copenhagen’s 20th anniversary.

Normann Copenhagen

Geo vacuum jug, black - gold


In stock on 15 Jul, 2021


Black, gold
20 cm
16,5 cm
1 L
0,86 kg
Care instructions
Wash by hand.

Nicholai Wiig Hansen

The Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen opened his own studio when he was 26-years old. He has designed furniture for companies like IKEA and Normann Copenhagen. When Wiig Hansen designs he uses himself as a target group. Proportions are also extremely important to him and he does not add any details if they don’t serve a certain purpos

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