Lento photoelectric smoke alarm, pink

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Lento is a photoelectric smoke alarm designed by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen for Jalo Helsinki. Lento will not only enhance the safety of your home, but you will also add a touch of originality. Forget the boring and unattractive smoke alarms on the market – with Lento an essential everyday object such as a smoke alarm will become an original piece of design for decorating your home and keeping it safe. Installing Lento will take only a few seconds thanks to its 3M tape and there will be no need for screws or a power drill. The whole surface of the smoke alarm acts as a test button, so there are no tiny push buttons, but the whole external casing acts as a press switch for silencing false alarms and testing the performance. Lento has been developed and manufactured according to the requirements and standards for smoke alarms. Lento is lightweight and has a 5 year battery life time. Available in a number of colours, Lento was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2011.

Jalo Helsinki
Paola Suhonen
5 years
Length 188 mm, width 184 mm, height 50 mm, weight 200 g
Operational temperature 0-45C, humidity 0-90%
5 year battery life time


Paola Suhonen

Paola Suhonen

Paola Suhonen (b. 1974) is a Finnish designer, artist and filmmaker who graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Fashion and Textile Design Department. She is most well known for her own fashion line IVANAhelsinki which has in 10 years grown to an international art brand. Paola Suhonen has been in charge for the design and art direction of this line ever since 1998 when it was established. 

IVANAhelsinki was also the first Nordic fashion house to have its own show in Paris Fashion Week main show She has done several alternative projects where fashion, design and modern art have been combined. In addition to her own personal design projects, Paola Suhonen has done product development, print and concept designing for several companies like Head Snowboards, HP Sauce, Topshop, Google, Swarovski, Coca Cola, Canon, Artek, Amnesty International and Mori Art Center in Tokyo just to mention a few. Today Paola Suhonen teaches at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and is living and working in New York to be more involved with her great love, the movie making.

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