Mila chair, beige

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The Milà chair from Magis is designer Jaime Hayòn’s first plastic product. With a gas-assisted injection moulding technique Hayón was able to create a plastic chair that wouldn’t have been possible to achieve with traditional materials such as wood. Elegant Milà stands out with its organic and dynamic shapes, characteristic to Catalan modernism. The lightweight chair features slender legs and ornamental back and armrests that look lovely both indoors and outdoors.

Jaime Hayón
Width 55 cm, depth 54 cm, height 84,5 cm, seat height 46 cm
Mixture of polypropylene and glass fibre
Stackable. Suitable for outdoor use.


Jaime Hayón

Jaime Hayón

Jaime Hayón (b. 1974) grew up in Madrid where he got influenced by the local culture of skateboarding and graffiti painting. He studied industrial design in Madrid and later on in Paris. In 2000 he founded his own studio where and since then he has developed to a acknowledged designer. His works have been noted globally in distinguished medias. Hayón has worked for several companies including Magis, &Tradition, Fritz Hansen and Swarovski. Today Hayón has offices in Italy as well as in Spain and Japan.

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