Vitra’s Noguchi coffee table, designed by Isamu Noguchi in 1944, unites form and function in a harmonious way. The iconic table is built on two identical wooden elements, which support the rounded tabletop made of thick, durable glass. The sculptural, organic and abstract design of the table is reminiscent of Noguchi’s bronze and marble sculptures, and the Japanese-American designer has considered the table as his best piece of furniture design.

Noguchi designed the first version of the iconic table in 1939 for A. Conger Goodyear, the founder of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The furniture manufacturer Herman Miller asked Noguchi to design a similar table for his own collection – described as a functional sculpture, the Noguchi table was released in the United States in the late 1940s. In Europe, the table is manufactured by Vitra.


Noguchi coffee table, walnut



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128 cm
93 cm
40 cm
Table top material
Heavy 1,9 cm glass
Frame material
Solid walnut with lacquered finish

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) was a Japanese American artist and landscape architect who is best known for his sculptures and furniture, such as the iconic Noguchi table. A son of the Japanese poet Yone Noguchi and American writer Leonie Gilmour, Isamu was born in Los Angeles, lived in Japan in his childhood and studied at Columbia University and Leonardo da Vinci Art School in New York. In 1927 he founded his first own studio and received the Guggenheim Fellowship. Noguchi also spent long periods traveling and studying in Asia: he studied brush painting in China and pottery in Japan. 

In 1947 Noguchi began his collaboration with the furniture manufacturer Henry Miller. The catalog designed with George Nelson, Paul László and Charles Eames is today considered as one of the most influential collections of modern furniture design. Like his Japanese father, also Isamu saw himself as an interpreter between the East and the West but instead of poetry, his methods were sculpture and design.

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