Reflect sideboard, oak

3-4 weeks

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Reflect is a sideboard designed by Søren Rose Studio for Muuto. Søren Rose thus comments on Reflect sideboard: ”it is inspired by the conditions under which it was envision: The natural light of Scandinavia. The four corners on each front have a unique thickness and curve that contributes to the light reflections of the drawers. The design and craftmanship also underlines the warm and natural feeling of the oak wood, as well as giving a salute to the masters of classic Scandinavian furniture making”. Reflect consists of 2 doors and 2 drawers.

Søren Rose Studio
Natural oak
179,8 cm
40 cm
69,4 cm
Oak wood
Leg height:
27 cm
Care instructions:
Clean with a soft cloth following wood grains


Søren Rose Studio

Søren Rose Studio

Søren Rose Studio designs products that display their love for furniture and challenges to come up with new ideas. Unique projects give them an opportunity to work with the design on a playground where anything is possible; therefore they come up with innovative products. Søren Rose Studio works with public and private spaces and interior design plans where they want to redefine the space and its uses through the reform of traditional conceptions of space planning.

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