The galvanized steel back panel widens the possibilities of the String Outdoor collection. By combining a String Outdoor back panel and uprights with floor panels and shelves from the same series, you can create a multifunctional, freestanding shelf for the terrace or balcony. For one freestanding shelf, you will need one back panel, two uprights, two 85 x 30 cm String Outdoor floor panels and shelves of your choice. You can complement the shelf with vertical hooks.

The popular String System has taken a step outside – you can now furnish your patio, balcony or outdoor wall with the String Outdoor shelves and panels. They are made of stainless, galvanized metal that will age beautifully over time. The versatile modular shelving system can be expanded in numerous different ways.

String Furniture

String Outdoor back panel, 1 pcs, galvanized



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Galvanized steel
36 cm
Galvanized steel
58 cm
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Nils Strinning

The Swedish architect Nils Strinning (1917–2006) was one of the leading mid-twentieth century designers who built the foundation of what we now call Scandinavian design. Nils Strinning is the designer of the successful String shelves, a light weight shelving system created in the 1940s and very popular still today. String is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily repositioned.

Books are kept in place by the side panels and shelves of different depths can be combined in the same unit. When more shelf space is needed, you can simply add an additional side panel and some shelves. There are different kinds of String shelves, but the principle is the same for all of them: functionality combined with aesthetics and attention to proportion and details. The result is a timeless combination – at the same time classical and contemporary. It’s the framing that gives String shelving system its discreet but distinctive character: a refined ladder climbing up the wall.  

This economical, unpretentious design rapidly became a favourite soon after its launch. Its functionality and the minimalistic timeless design are the reasons why String still attracts attention after 60 years. String is equally suited to a large or a small wall and is perfect for any room – living room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, etc. For his timeless design, the architect Nils Strinning has been awarded a number of prestigious awards, including the Gold Medal at the Milan Triennale.


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