One Step Up shelf, low

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One Step Up shelf has been designed for Normann Copenhagen by Francis Cayouette. It is a bookcase that combines form, material and function in a simple and chaste design. Francis Cayouette has been inspired by the ladder as object and he has created a new flexible piece of furniture ideal for storage. Francis Cayouette has used recognizable elements taken from the form of the ladder and incorporated its mobile attributes. Details such as the fittings are emphasized and bring authenticity to the object. The natural ash wood and the industrial metal shelves create dynamic and the exquisite materials work great together and create a complete expression. One Step Up creates room and frame for storage. Place various One Step Up bookcases beside each other and create your own bookcase system. One Step Up bookcase can also be used as a light room divider.

Normann Copenhagen
Francis Cayouette
Width 45 cm, height 126 cm, length 78 cm
Ash, metal
Natural ash, white